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So it’s officially been forever since my last “A house is not a home” post where I’m supposed to be documenting the process of Ryan and I turning our little colonial house into a home by making budget conscious changes and updates…You can see the living room Progress here. I guess the huge gap between these posts just shows what a HUGE and time consuming process it is to turn a house into a home! Amen? Unless your Young House Love I guess and that’s your full time job…but even for them home improvements dont happen overnight!

Back when Ryan and I were house hunting, I don’t think we really knew how to define what we were looking for…we had a list of must-haves for our first home and we knew the location where we wanted to end up and I think we also may have known that we wanted an old […]

Have you ever heard the song A House is not a Home? I’ve really only listened to the Glee version of it, but I think the title is so true! To me a house isn’t really a “home” until you make it YOURS and have somehow invested in it, whether that’s just emotionally and because […]


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A glimpse into my daily life in Richmond, VA (and travels beyond) with my husband Ryan, our son Gray, and our disobedient puppy Lexie, plus the work, style and attempts at minimalism in between.