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I am finally back in the U.S. after being gone for close to a month, and if I’m being honest I wasn’t ready to come home yet! There’s normally this feeling of wanting to sleep in my own bed, get free water at restaurants, and get back to a normal routine that accompanies the last few days of trips to Europe for me, but the past few weeks have truly been a whirlwind of adventure…a blur of shooting in new and beautiful places, spending time with my family in Germany + my sister and different friends throughout the trip, meeting new people, and soaking up different cultures…it’s been an amazing

Happy Monday, friends! This is it for me..the busiest time of the year…well now and September…but until this past weekend, my weddings have been so spread out…one in January, one in March, a few in April…but May is when wedding season in Virginia really kicks into high gear and it’s such a rush! I’m so excited for all the sweet couples that I’m working with this year to tie the knot and I just can’t wait to capture this special time for each of them! There are not many things that bring me the same kind of joy as seeing two people pledge to honor and cherish one another for the rest of their lives. It’s

This weekend went by in such a whirlwind…actually this YEAR is going by in such a whirlwind…I can’t believe wedding number 4 of my 2014 wedding season already came and went! It was an absolutely beautiful celebration with a Parisian theme (because that’s where the couple, Emily and Alan, got engaged!) and we could not have asked for more perfect weather. The great thing about the venue we were at is that it has a phenomenal view of the Richmond skyline. It’s actually an old industrial building that was renovated and it’s one of my favorite Richmond restaurants…there’s a patio with a gorgeous view off of the

Happy Tuesday!! I hope you had a fabulous Easter and that you got to spend time with some of the people who matter most to you! We went to an amazing church service and then had Easter lunch with my family. After that Ryan, Lexie and I spent several hours just laying in the hammock in our backyard talking and napping and enjoying the glorious spring weather. That’s becoming one of our favorite things to do lately. I love doing things that make time slow down for just a little bit…it’s something so simple, but I like how it lets me press pause and just take in the beauty of a day and focus in on


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A glimpse into my daily life in Richmond, VA (and travels beyond) with my husband Ryan, our son Gray, and our disobedient puppy Lexie, plus the work, style and attempts at minimalism in between.