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Ohh Sedona…this place is one that I had always dreamed of going and last week that dream finally came true! We were visiting our friends Amy and Jordan in Arizona and they had planned for us to make the two hour drive to Sedona…and that’s when Katelyn suggested we take portraits! I couldn’t say yes fast enough…and I think you’ll see why! Shooting in new places is always so inspiring for me, but especially when it’s a place with beautiful scenery like this! The light and colors were almost too perfect and we all had so much fun seeing the sights and shooting at so many incredible spots…some of these places literally took my breath away!

It started out as an off handed comment…Jill has family in Scotland so I had mentioned to her that it would be so incredible if she were able to visit at the same time as us so that she could shoot Rachel and James’ wedding with me. And I was so amazed when Jill and her husband, Buddy, got on board with the idea! Not only was I thrilled to have her shoot the wedding with me, but Ryan and I were also incredibly excited to get to explore parts of Scotland together! Jill’s mom is from a tiny town in the Highlands and Jill grew up visiting this beautiful country with her family. It was so much fun because

He says one of his favorite things about her is her pretty brown eyes. And can you blame him? They’re beautiful. When they first met in college, that’s what stood out to him. Along with her caring heart for others. It was on a missions trip that they first really got to spend time with each other. And I’m not sure if they ever imagined at the time that years later they’d be exploring one of the most romantic cities in the world together just a month after their three year wedding anniversary.

Life has brought them in a lot of different directions and they just

It was our last day in Scotland and in typical Scottish fashion, it was a rainy and gray one. This was our first and only full day in Edinburgh and that morning was my first time seeing it in the daylight. I was so mesmerized! There is so much history and the architecture is beautiful and different than what we had seen in other big cities in Europe. I love how it’s so hilly, because it creates layers when you look at the city from a distance. Will told me this is one of his favorite things about the city. When I met him and his wife Jackie on the corner of Waverly Bridge and Princes Street and walked up to them in the rain


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A glimpse into my daily life in Richmond, VA (and travels beyond) with my husband Ryan, our son Gray, and our disobedient puppy Lexie, plus the work, style and attempts at minimalism in between.