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The L&A Posing Playbook is here!!

Let me tell you a little story about newbie photographer Annamarie circa 2010…from back in the days when I didn’t even have an official business and I was borrowing my now mother-in-laws starter SLR to shoot with…

The story didn’t just happen at one session…but rather, over and over again. Kind of like a recurring bad dream. 

I’d arrive to a session already stressed out about the poses I was planning to coax my couple into… I’d sit there in the car for a few minutes before meeting them: frantically looking through other photographers work just HOPING enough of the posing ideas would stick in my mind long enough to avoid awkward pauses during the shoot!

I’d begin the session and execute the short list of poses I could remember… but before long, I was doing the same thing over and over.

I’d freak out, freeze up, and my mind would go blank. All the while *heart racing* hoping on the inside that my couple wasn’t bored with the same poses they were doing on repeat…Or worse: that they felt as awkward as I did.

Can you relate?!

POSING. It’s not easy without a system… in fact, it’s actually really hard to remember countless different poses while also trying to get to know your couple, make them feel comfortable, pay attention to what the light is doing, AND get all of your camera settings right! The stress is real!!

THANKFULLY there is a silver lining to this story! Fast forward to 2018 and I actually can’t believe I once was that girl described above! Insecure, unsure, unprepared, and nervous out of my mind… that was me!

But! The system I’ve developed over the years has made posing feel so easy, fun, and natural… and now, it’s one of my favorite parts of shooting! (The Annamarie of 2010 wouldn’t believe her ears.)

And my Light & Airy partner and BFF, Caroline, and I are so excited to share it!! It’s taken our work from posed, stiff, & unnatural copies of other people’s work…

…to natural, inspired memories for our couples!

We built The Posing Playbook so you can easily and confidently (!!!) create candid, natural, AND flattering images too!

Here’s why you’ll love it! :

1. It teaches you to create memorable moments for your couples! Not just pretty poses.
2. It equips you with all our favorite posing secrets based on years of experience!
3. It’s a much lower price than a long course!! It gives you a system that you can learn quickly and start implementing right away!

Click the video to watch and learn more!!

We had so much fun putting this together and developing The Playbook in action with the sweetest couple, Brenden and Hannah! Couldn’t resist sharing some of our favorite images from the shoot to show you the type of natural posing we teach in The Posing Playbook!

Learn more about how this session was shot using The Posing Playbook and Printable Cards!: 

Video Credit | Vanessa Joy Films


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