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What’s Actually your Photographer Personality?!

One of the (many) things I love about the photography industry is the people you meet through it and the way we as photographers are able to let our personalities shine in our brands and businesses! Whether at conferences, networking events or even in interacting with photographer friends on Instagram, it’s so clear everyone’s created differently and has unique personality strengths that they bring to their business!

I’ve been sharing my heart through my business since the year I got married myself…apartment living and newlywed life…long before Lexie the Cockapoo or my baby boy Gray came along…but my personality has remained mostly the same… and carried me through it all. What a gift that just simply being true to ourselves and letting that shine brightest is the best marketing strategy there is!

It’s no secret that your personality can be your secret weapon to growing as a photographer… so my friend Caroline and I created a fun little quiz for you to find out yours! Take the quiz below to discover your personality type (there’s seven different possible results!) and how you can use it as a strength to grow your business!!


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