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Omar and Erika

I pulled up to the gate at the beautiful Ovoka Farm and the view took my breath away…with rolling hills and the most beautiful historic home and dozens of willow trees, I knew right away that this was going to be good!! But it got much much better when Erika greeted me with the biggest smile and so much excitement…I knew that she was so sweet from her emails, but she is even more incredibly kind and wonderful in person somehow! And with her adorable short hair cut and vintage style combined with Omar’s edgy and cool style, I felt like a super lucky photographer this week and I couldn’t wait to get these two in front of my camera!

I love how I get to learn about a couple when I photograph them…there dynamic and the way that they interact really comes out with the ways that I pose and work…and I love that these two are each others perfect match and bring out the best in the other! Omar is calm and caring and so gentle and Erika is bubbly and fun and I loved that they’re both up for anything! We walked all over this property shooting and I could have been happy there with them all day! 

On top of that, Omar brought his vintage Mustang that he’s owned since he was a teenager and has been fixing up ever since…I loved hearing about all the work and love he’s put into it! My dad was a car guy too..he came over to the U.S. from Germany in his mid twenties to start an automotive shop…so I can definitely appreciate the heart that people put into restoring old cars! And it was such an honor to get to photograph these two in it! It sort of felt like Grease was coming to life before my eyes and all my dreams where coming true.

Omar and Erika, thank you so much for being so incredible and for having me capture this sweet season in your lives! It was such an honor and I am so grateful that I got to know you both! Enjoy a few of my favorites!  

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