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St. Simons Island | Amy and Jordan

There’s something about spending time on the coast away from it all that makes me feel like I can breathe a little deeper and take life a little slower…maybe it’s the slower pace in the south overall that makes me want to sit and read a book and sip on my coffee all morning and into the afternoon. Or more likely, it’s the copious amounts of good ol’ southern food I consume whenever we visit that just makes me feel slower. And like I need a lot of naps.

Whatever the reason, I’m grateful for a slow weekend away with some of our best friends! Last weekend we packed our bags in Ryan’s truck, loaded Lexie in the car with us, stopped to grab some Starbucks and then began the long drive down to St. Simons Island, Georgia where Ryan’s grandparents have a beautiful condo that they so graciously let us use for getaways. We arrived and then waited for our friends to get there from Arizona…Jordan and Amy flew in and got there later that night! We always end up talking until early in the morning thanks to their jet lag and my night owl ways…but the next day was supposed to be the nicest, so we tried not to stay up TOO late so we’d be wide awake to explore the next day!

If you’ve ever been to the coastal south, you know it’s not hard to understand why we are so enamored with it…especially in the off season…There’s hardly anyone down there and the weather is usually cool and mild (not like in the summer when it’s so hot you feel like you’re swimming in your own sweat and you might as well not blow dry your hair because it turns to frizz two seconds later). And did I mention the SPANISH MOSS? I wish I could pack this stuff up and throw it on the trees in our front yard at home. 

Sometimes we worry that there won’t be enough fun stuff to do when were there…it really is a slower pace…but then we always end up feeling silly that we were ever worried. Especially when we get to be there with some of our best friends! Literally I think we could do anything or nothing and it would be fun with these two!…All four of us would have been happy just playing Settlers of Catan all weekend, but we tried to show Jordan and Amy a little bit of everything St. Simons has to offer. 

Besides playing multiple games of Settlers every day, here’s a few highlights!:

  1. The southern FOOD…Is a vacation really a vacation if there isn’t lots of food? It really isn’t about the food for me, but about the experience around the food. We made meals at home a lot of the time…there’s just something bonding about cooking and sharing a meal at home with friends (If we’re being honest it’s mostly Ryan and Jordan that do the cooking while Amy and I pretend to be helpful)! We also tried to hit several of our favorite spots on the island! Iguana’s is our favorite dive that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to the 80’s…we go for the jumbo shrimp, but the giant plastic sea creatures hanging from the ceiling add to the experience for sure.
  2. Okay I have to talk about it more…Settlers of Catan. I used to play this game with my siblings and my dad when I was a kid which feels SO long ago…I feel like it’s having a moment and am thrilled it’s made a comeback…and even more thrilled that we surround ourselves with friends who are also nerdy enough to be obsessed with it. 
  3. Picnicking on a deserted beach and feeling like we we’re temporarily living in a Nicholas Sparks novel! 
  4. Nightly Bible studies. Nothing like studying God’s word with good friends who challenge and encourage you!
  5. Riding around the island in style on Ryan’s grandpa’s golf cart with Lexie the cockapoo in my lap and the wind in my hair (while I held on to Amy for dear life…those things can go faster than you think!). 
  6. Visiting Sea Island! It’s the tiny, super exclusive island right next to St. Simons that houses the most beautiful southern style resort that we’ve always wanted to see. Jordan’s great aunt, Nancy, aka The Non, got us in and showed us around. I think my jaw was on the floor most of the time. It is insanely beautiful! And the Non is the definition of goals for who I want to be when I retire…funny and full of life and so life giving! 
  7. This photo shoot! Since we spent most of the weekend in our pajamas playing Settlers, we thought it would be a fun treat to get dressed up and take some photos and head out to a fancy dinner! When there’s spanish moss and Driftwood Beach involved? Amy or I could shoot allllll day. We had so much fun swapping a quick portrait session and I’m so excited to share my favorites!  

Amy and Jordan, we love you two so much!! Thanks for braving the cold and wind for these photos…some of my new favorites! Take me baaaaack!!

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  1. Mandi

    January 19th, 2017 at 9:45 am

    Love these. So pretty. Love St Simons. Being from Atlanta, I STILL haven’t made a photo trip down there. It’s on my bucket list! And we LOVE Settlers. Get the Cities and Knights expansion. It makes the game 1000 times better!

  2. Rebekah

    January 19th, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    Gorgeous! Definitely makes me want to visit…in the off season.

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