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Big Spring Farm Baby Shower

A couple of weeks ago we got to help host our friends baby shower at Big Spring Farm…it was one of the best baby showers I’ve ever been to! Not only because it was for some of our favorite people, Davey and Krista and their baby boy Jack, but also because it was a more intimate gathering! 

It was so special to celebrate baby Jack with people who feel like family to us. My friends Jill and Kat did such an incredible job with the decorations! Kat is a professional planner and Jill SHOULD be a professional florist/calligrapher so it was basically the most beautiful event ever! Jill also designed a lot of the decor for my shower so you may recognize some similar elements ;). 

We played games and hung out. Then we had a mini pizza making station and Mcflurries for dessert since those are Davey and Krista’s favorites…we dined outside on the porch and enjoyed some gorgeous Virginia spring weather! It was Gray’s first baby shower so we had so much fun bringing him to be a part of it too…

It ended up being a dual celebration because it was also our friend Jill’s birthday! We are so grateful we got to go to Lexington for the day to be a part of this special day! 

I am so excited to share my favorite photos from our time together! You are the cutest pregnant lady ever, Krista!

We played a take on the shoe game with cut outs of Davey and Krista’s faces! So funny!

We love these people!

We can’t wait to meet baby Jack!

Our friend Matt is a chef and helped prepare the mini pizzas!

Kat is the owner of Dear Sweetheart Events and she’s having her baby boy soon too! I went to her baby shower 2 days before Gray was born!

We also got to celebrate Jilly’s birthday!

Dining outside was my favorite part!!

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