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Peter Gray | 2 Months

Well here we are again…Gray is almost THREE months old now, but I couldn’t let this month go by without sharing about month TWO! Month two was so sweet because we started to get back into some semblance of normal…or at least our new version of normal! Since it took me almost a month to recover after hemorrhaging, I mostly stayed in bed for the first precious weeks of his life except for some short walks on our street…but in month two we got back into a little bit more of a routine and had so many new mile stones! These included his first SMILE, his first few road trips, and my very first mother’s day!

Length at 2 Months: 24.5 inches long

Weight at 2 Months: 13.5 pounds

Here are a few takeaways from Month 2:

  1. Every day I feel like time just keeps going faster and faster! It’s so bittersweet! I love the new developments that each day brings, but I already can’t believe how much bigger he is! It’s so fun to see his little personality start to emerge and every time he smiles it totally melts me. I think he’s going to be really chill and laid back like his dad! In general he is so calm and content. But he also learned to do a POUTY LIP and that just melts us too. Basically he’s got us wrapped around his finger.
  2. In month two he got way better at sleeping at night time! PRAISES. He did a SIX HOUR stretch for the first time which was huge for us and I started to feel like an actual human being again! And all the exhausted new parents said amen. In month two he was also still napping like a champ so I started slowly getting back into doing some work during nap time. He could sleep anywhere…even with Lexie the cockapoo barking her head off. I wish I could nap like that!
  3. I had my first Mother’s Day! And I have so much more appreciation for all the moms now! My mom’s birthday is the same day so my sister and I went to a historic home and garden show with her for a few hours in the afternoon while Ryan took care of Gray. Ryan also made me the cutest home made card…a cut out of Gray’s face where he’s doing his first big smile with a gift card to get a pedicure. Major brownie points for dad. 
  4. Gray also took his first bottle in month two and does so well with it! Such a blessing since I’ll have to be away for full days shooting weddings. I’d rather watch Ryan feed Gray a bottle than watch anything else. A new episode of Grey’s Anatomy could be on TV and I’d watch them instead. You might be obsessed with your baby when^^ 
  5. I took my first solo car ride with just me and Gray in the back. Up until that point I had only ridden in the back seat next to Gray so I was NERVOUS. I left the owlet on him for the drive and checked him in the mirror every five seconds. It was a short drive to see my mama and Gray did great! We got lunch and showed Gray my dad’s old house and it made me so nostalgic! Taking my baby to the neighborhood where I grew up was so surreal! 
  6. We also did several much longer car trips…He travels in the car like a champ! We went to Ryan’s little brothers graduation in North Carolina so that was his first time in a different state! He went to his first restaurant there and slept most of the time. A random lady at the restaurant asked to hold him. We politely declined. Other than that it was a great experience! I put him in the wrap carrier for the graduation and he lasted through part of it before we had to step out to feed him. Going places with a baby is tough but worth it!
  7.  In other news, he is loving bath time now!! He’s filling out his baby tub and looks so much bigger in it already…but he always gets so angry when we take him out!
  8. In month two he also started to hold his head up a little bit during tummy time…you’d think he was about to win an olympic gold medal every time he lifts it up a little higher. We will always be the proudest parents cheering for you, baby Gray! 
  9. Speaking of proud moments…you also found your voice in month 2! And it’s the sweetest sound we’ve ever heard!
  10. And last but not least, in month two Gray got a lot more alert and we started wondering if we were supposed to be teaching him things? Ha! My mom started reading Gray lots of stories when she came to visit and he LOVED it so now we read lots and lots of books every day! His favorite book is Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site (or is it just our favorite book?). Not surprising since dad works at a construction site. 

Here’s his 2 Month Portraits followed by a collection of my favorite iphone pictures from the month!

Our first times out of the house since having Gray! I got my hair done and felt like a new person! And my mom watched Gray so Ryan and I could go out on our first little date! 

Sitting in the Baby Bjorn bouncer for the first time…he loves it! and another bath time. He loves splashing in the water and we love having a baby that smells good. 

My favorite photo on the far left…Praise hands!

Yesss…taking a bottle like a champ.

He started to love staring at things…we figured it was time to get out the baby play gym!

Someone’s not a fan of the doctor…

But he loves when Auntie Ali comes to visit!

And his time at Mia and Gman’s house. So many snuggles with the grandparents! 

And trips to the park with Oma!

And facetiming with far away friends…

and visiting Big Spring Farm to see Jilly and Buddy (hopefully his future in-laws)

And twinning with Dad…haha!

And melting our hearts with his new pouty lip at night! 

And his big smiles in the morning…he is definitely a morning person!

Still going on as many neighborhood walks as possible to start getting back in shape before the heat of summer settles in!

Meanwhile, Gray is working on his summer body too with as much milk as possible.

And we’re hitting lots of milestones…like his first road trip to Ryan’s little brother’s graduation! 

And my first Mother’s Day!

So grateful for this happy little guy! If you want to see more and missed Month 1, check it out here!


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