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Jordan, Amy, and Becks

We basically fly thousands of miles every chance we get to sit on the couch with these guys and do a bunch of nothing… ok really to do a bunch of normal stuff that we wish we could do with them all the time… like eat meals together, play games, and watch the babies do new and silly things!!

We had been looking forward to this trip for what felt like forever because last time our babies were actually in the same room they were only SIX MONTHS OLD! And now they are basically TODDLERS? What? How did that happen? Beckett turned one last month and Gray turns one later this month 5 weeks later! It was so fun to see them interact more with each other this time now that they are a little older…  

And it has been SUCH a huge joy getting to watch these two become the most incredible parents… Beckett is the most sunshine-y baby full of so much personality! He makes people smile everywhere he goes! But parenthood is challenging in new ways even as wonderful as it is and I’m so grateful to get to see and be impacted by the way Christ shines through Jordan and Amy’s marriage and the way that they love and care for Becks as a team so well. 

We were running out of light and didn’t have much time to work with… but Aunt Caroline was our secret weapon at this shoot in getting the babies to giggle!! I’m so glad we made the time and effort to take these!! Becksie can you just stay little for a little longer?? We love you!

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