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Kyle and Kelsey

THEY’RE MARRIED!!! I still can’t believe it!!! Kyle is my brother-in-law and I’ve known him since he was 12 years old… it’s been the biggest blessing to get to know his beautiful bride and I’m SO thrilled to have another sister and another Akins girl in the family!! We love you, Kelsey!!

Kyle and Kelsey met at Campbell University a few years ago and got engaged this past Fall… when they started making plans for their wedding I immediately insisted I would photograph it! I’ve photographed each of my siblings weddings and it is one of my biggest honors!! 

But maybe the biggest honor was when they asked Gray to be the ring boy!! We weren’t even sure if he’d be walking in time, but of course we said yes! And he actually started walking a couple of weeks before the wedding so he was ready for it! However, he was napping just before the ceremony and we had to wake him up before he was ready… so let’s just say he was NOT a happy camper and dad had to walk up the aisle to scoop the little grumpy guy up and carry him to the front. But he was still super cute and I was still proud! Kelsey, sorry there is an unusually large number of ring boy photos in your blog post! ha! 

I had a hard time choosing favorites in general!! The whole day was so special and Kelsey looked absolutely stunning… Kyle is a very lucky man. They are absolutely perfect for each other and hearing their vows really solidified that in my mind even more. They wrote the most beautiful personal vows to each other and I was definitely tearing up behind my camera! The ceremony was my favorite part of the day!

But the whole thing was special and I am so excited to share these!! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites! Congratulations, Kyle and Kelsey!!

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