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The Cotswolds, England Session | Amy and Jordan

It started out as a crazy idea…what if we get some of our friends to meet us in Iceland while we were there for my sister’s wedding and then go on an adventure together afterwards? Lucky for us, most of our friends love a good adventure as much as we do…So it wasn’t too hard to convince them that this would be an extremely valuable use of time and money…so we starting planning to rendezvous in Iceland and then a few of us planned to explore England together too!

We live in such a unique time…when some of your closest friends can live almost all the way across the country and have tremendous influence on your life…I’d like to personally thank FaceTime for making long distance relationships everywhere possible…but especially for making it possible for Amy and Jordan to be a regular part of our lives! Their friendship and care is the biggest gift! Any relationship takes intentionality and sacrifice, but I’m inspired over and over again by the care and love that these two show their friends. I get a little teary eyed thinking about how grateful I am for them and don’t have the words to explain how much they mean to me! They make any situation fun and I love how they embrace people as they are…their silliness and joy is contagious…even a 4 mile cold and wet hike to a thermal river in Iceland where I’ve never been so cold in my life can be a hilarious memory…but they’re also some of the most loving and wise people that I know. Over and over they’ve prayed for us and encouraged us, and for that I could never thank them enough.  Somewhere along the way, they became like family, so of course, we jump at the chance to spend any in person time with Jordy and Ame! 

After a few days in Iceland together with a big group of our friends, a few of us packed up and headed for the UK…I think we were all most excited to spend a few restful days in The Cotswolds…an area that literally feels like a storybook! Sometimes all you need is a few days away from it all to regain perspective and to feel rejuvenated. We stayed in a adorable cottage that made us feel a little bit like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday and we obviously couldn’t resist a portrait session…I’ve documented these two and their love for each other in Venice, Charleston, Arizona, Virginia, Georgia…but I think these are some of my all time favorites! I might say that every time! But I think it’s true! I’ve loved getting to watch their love for each other grow even deeper and even more full over the years…their marriage is a true testament to their faith and life’s mission…and I could never ever get tired of photographing them! And doesn’t Amy look like Cinderella here?? She is stunning! Her blue tulle dress was the perfect compliment to the old stone buildings and greenery! So dreamy! I hope you enjoy my favorites and that you feel inspired by the life and love that I feel pours out of the them in these photos…


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  1. Jodie

    September 28th, 2016 at 3:32 pm

    Wow these are beautiful images :)

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