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Our Nursery Inspiration

For years we had the same conversation…could we fit a baby in our little house in the city? We LOVE our home and our location and being close to everything. But with only two full sized bedrooms and a tiny office, we weren’t sure if we could make it work since we knew we’d also need to keep a space for our parents to come and stay with us! In the end we decided it was well worth it to make it work…and that when the time came, we’d clear out my little office to make way for the nursery! So we packed everything up (more like threw it all into the second bedroom for a while) to start working on putting together this new space that is sure to become my favorite part of our home…

We’ve cleaned out almost every closet at this point (it’s crazy how much stuff just two people can accumulate in nearly 7 years) to make room for my office stuff in other places! We also found the perfect secretary desk that fits by the back door in our dining room so I still have a home base for my work even though I don’t have a whole office anymore. I actually love it even more! I open it at the beginning of the day and then I close it when I’m finished working and it hides everything away perfectly! 

But enough about that…let’s talk about the NURSERY!! I knew from the get go that I’d want to pain the tiny space white to make it feel bigger…but I honestly love that it’s a small cozy space. It does have a closet which will be perfect for storing all the cute baby things! And there’s room for a crib, a dresser/changing station, and a glider…and not much else! ha! So I kept that in mind as I was pinning things on Pinterest. 

I love neutrals so I wanted the space to reflect that, but also feel warm at the same time! I love a clean, white space with lots of cool colors and allll the light grey, but am bringing in some small darker and natural wood pieces plus some warmer artwork to add the warmth. I have eclectic taste in general…a little bit modern, a little bit boho, a little bit Scandinavian…but I tried to keep it cohesive and tie it all together! I’m no designer so we’ll see how this turns out…ha! I found this very first image from one of my favorite moms and interior designers to follow, Joanna Carden, on Instagram…and then everything else kind of flowed from there…

I can’t wait to share the big reveal once we finally finish the space!! We only have 4 and a half weeks until my due date at this point so we are hustling to finish getting ready for baby! We’re just waiting on a few more pieces to come in and we still need to do some organizing…but it’s getting closer! In the meantime, I’m excited to share the inspiration behind it…

*All images I found on Pinterest and are cited whenever possible below the image! 

Left: via Joanna Carden | Right: via 100 Layer Cake

via Sarah Sherman

Left: via Cali Vintage | Right: via Project Nursery

via Decor Pad

Left: via Cali Vintage | Right: via Cheetah is the New Black

Left: via 100 Layer Cake | Right: Pinterest

Left: via Pinterest | Right: via Sarah Sherman

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