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Peter Gray | 3 Months

Well now that Gray is 4 months old, I couldn’t let much more time pass before getting his 3 month post up!! It’s so special for me to look back and reflect on these moments because I really can’t believe how quickly time is passing or how fast our baby boy is growing up! I’m trying my hardest not to blink because I don’t want to miss a second of this sweet season!

Weight at 3 Months: 16 Pounds

Length at 3 Months: I wrote this down somewhere and need to find it!

Month three brought SOO many exciting and fun firsts!! Here are a few highlights:

  1. Gray started to get SO CHUNKY…he gained almost 3 pounds this month and started to look less like a newborn and more like a baby…it was always my dream to have a fat baby and we got him!!
  2. This month Gray got so good at smiling and his little personality is starting to shine through more and more. He loves when you make silly noises at him and singing with mama. 
  3. He started SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT regularly! We’re talking 10 PM to 7 AM. Those are like my personal prime sleeping hours so it was amazing. He still loves his Love to Dream swaddle and sleeping with his hands up by his face. He also started sucking on his hand to soothe himself! So sweet!
  4. We had our first house guests other than our parents…Our friends Jordan and Amy and their baby Becks plus our friend Caroline stayed with us and it was so much fun! We were a little nervous that the babies would wake each other up and keep us all up, but noise machines are a miraculous thing and that wasn’t even an issue! 
  5. I had my first wedding back post maternity leave! It was so hard to leave Gray, but it also felt good to get back to work! I always say shooting weddings is like riding a bike after doing it for so long…it felt like I had never taken a break! But there is the new added challenge of pumping on wedding days since I’m breast feeding…someone should start a blog about random places women pump. Mine now include the bathroom floor in a bridal suite and a parking garage. Ha! No one ever said the job is glamorous!
  6. We took Gray on his first FLIGHT!! To CALIFORNIA! We must have been slightly delirious from the lack of sleep when we decided to take our less than three month old on a cross country flight…but somehow it worked out in our favor and he is a champion traveler! Maybe it was the 15+ flights I took when I was pregnant that made for a good warm up.
  7. It was also Gray’s first time in wine country. This trip he just got to enjoy his normal house white. But maybe we’ll take him again one day when he’s over 21. 
  8. Our FIRST FAMILY SESSION!!! Well not counting our photos at the hospital or our newborn session. Our friends Jordan and Amy came with us to Cali and took photos for us! I am obsessed!! I want to print every. single. one!!!
  9. Gray started to get better at holding his head up this month and loves to “fly” around with Ryan. It’s my favorite thing to watch him showing Gray new things in our house and backyard.
  10. Ryan’s first Father’s Day!!! Father’s Day has been hard for me the past decade since losing my own dad, but seeing Ryan as a dad is so special and really redeemed the day for me! I’m so grateful!!!

I hope you enjoy his 3 month portraits plus a million of my favorite iphone photos from month 3!!! I only expect my mom, my mother-in-law, my aunt Edith, and possibly Ryan’s Granny to look through all of these…so if you make it all the way through, I’m super impressed! :) 

This boy loves his sleep!


We had so much fun having our friends and their baby Becks stay with us!! The one on the left is their very first photo together!

Baby swapping…

I think this was their “Did we just become best friends??” moment.

First time riding in the car together…not really a fan of the car seats can you tell?

Gray bear hanging out with lots of friends on a very special and sacred day celebrating our good friends’ baby, James’ life. Read Katelyn’s blog…her story of loss and hope here and be encouraged. We love you Katelyn, Michael, Evy, James and family!

Love these people so much!

Aunt Carol! 

So hard to believe these babies were Gray’s size just a year ago!

Gray with Evy, Uncle Bud, and lots of sweet friends!!

We love taking Gray on walks through the “Fancy” part of our neighborhood to look at the pretty houses! Ha! Are we the only ones? So we had to bring out friends!

Lots of snuggles with Aunt Carol and Auntie Amy

Gray’s 2 month check up! 

I had to document how much he loves the morning…so happy! And I’m obsessed with him in his “butterfly” as we call this swaddle…

So proud of this little guy! Holding his head up like a champ!

Hanging out with dad…his favorite!

Visits from Auntie Ali!

My mom came to help with Gray while I shot my first wedding post-maternity leave! So grateful for how much she has served us in this season! Gray loves you Oma!! 

Heading off to shoot my first wedding back!

Sunday hangouts in bed after a long wedding day!

Working mom life hacks when baby won’t nap…put him in the sling and voila! Hands free for editing…

My own wedding photographer and dear friend Katelyn gave us this little future KJ groom onesie! Obsessed with that smile!

Learning to blow bubbles! haha!

Snuggles with aunt Geli!

More snuggles in the butterfly swaddle…he started to outgrow it this month and I cried so I had to take all the photos to remember this stage!

Tummy time with Lexie the Cockapoo

And story time with dad…

This month we started making the effort to get out of the house more with Gray! We went on a family date to WPA bakery and he slept through most of it! 

With his friend Noah that Mia and Uncle Kyle gave him!

We love bath time!!

Ali’s birthday lunch and our first time taking Gray to church! 

Family walks and playing with his forest friends

Hahah…holding his head up…a little unsure…

Time with Mia and Gman! We love eating dinners on their back deck!

Then Mia brought us to the airport at 4 am and this is how I felt…a little unsure about bringing a less than three month old on a plane, but Gray was a champ!

Miraculously we got an extra seat!!

Quick pit stop at the Golden Gate Bridge! Gray will be glad we woke him up from a nap for this picture one day right? 

Made it to our Air BNB in Napa Valley with our friends Amy, Jordan, and Becks!

Exploring the backyard…

And eating on the back porch, shooting our first family sessions (!!), and Uncle Jojo reading Pout Pout Fish to Gray (his/my new favorite book!!)

Walking to town for dinner. And forever trying to keep up with his friend Becks who’s a month older…

Saying goodbye for now!

That time he slept in till 10:30. And helping dad open his first Father’s Day gift from Mia and Gman! 

Back home…Lexie dog was so sweet to lay in his room with him!


Visiting Great Granny and Great Grandpa’s House for Father’s Day celebrations!

And visiting Oma’s House for the first time/Hangouts in the backyard with dad

Melting my heart…falling asleep holding my hand…



Meeting Meeting our friend Jen and his first selfie with Serena and Sofia!

Matching Rompers for Father’s Day!

All Ryan wanted for Father’s Day was a chill night at home playing Settlers of Catan!

Starting to hold onto his bottle when we feed him…

And flying!! His new favorite!

See you next month!! 

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  1. Stephanie

    July 24th, 2018 at 8:24 am

    Oh my gosh! I can’t stop looking at these amazing pictures!!

  2. Rebekah Carter

    July 26th, 2018 at 1:15 pm

    So many adorable pictures! I love the Pout Pout Fish book too. :)

  3. Edith Mayr, Auntie

    July 31st, 2018 at 5:39 pm

    Fantastic Pictures, I love them all. so sweet Sometimes he l.ooks very similar to Chuck. A happy Family, Gray Looks so smart, interested in this new world.

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