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Jordan, Amy, and Becks

Last month we took Gray on his very first plane ride…to CALIFORNIA! Talk about intimidating!! But on the other side of the flight we got to meet up with some of our favorite people in the world so it was worth it!!! And Gray was a champ with the traveling so it was just a win all around!
Long story short…Ryan had a conference in San Francisco for work and asked me about a month after Gray was born if we’d want to go with him…my first thought in those delirious early days of motherhood was “YES!!!!!” Ha! Then my second thought was “Wait! Am I crazy for thinking we can do this with our baby who would still be under three months old at the time of the trip???” 

But I’m so glad I let the first voice win because even though we were nervous about bringing our tiny babe on the plane and I was super concerned about germs, it ended up being the grandest adventure and a trip we will always remember!! Our friends Jordan and Amy live on that side of the country so I immediately thought…”hmmm how can I convince them to join us?? haha!” and we’re so happy they said yes and were able to join us!! We’re so thankful for smooth travel and beautiful weather and friends who make even just sitting around the house an absolute blast!! 

Of course sitting around in an adorable Air BNB in Napa Valley with actual GRAPE VINES in the backyard and a picnic table that had us feeling like we were living in the show Parenthood also helped…

We played lots of rounds of Settlers of Catan, made meals together at home, walked to restaurants in town, visited a few wineries (thanks to Jordan and Amy’s awesome sister and brother in law babysitting for an afternoon), and took our first FAMILY portraits of each other!!!! And despite having photographed each other a zillion times, these instantly became my favorites ever! Becks is absolutely adorable and we love this precious family of THREE more than words can express…I couldn’t click my camera shutter fast enough!! 

Watching these two become parents (Becks was born just a month before Gray!) and getting to experience pregnancy and the early days of parenthood at the same time as them (we’ve never been so grateful for Facetime!) has been one of our biggest blessings. Spending time with them multiplies the joy we feel and we’re so grateful for this special trip! Jordan and Amy and Becksie we love you so much!! 

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  1. Katie

    July 30th, 2018 at 4:12 pm

    Wow! These are beautiful!

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