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Well now that Gray is 4 months old, I couldn’t let much more time pass before getting his 3 month post up!! It’s so special for me to look back and reflect on these moments because I really can’t believe how quickly time is passing or how fast our baby boy is growing up! I’m […]

These photos are one of the most precious gifts I’ve ever received! As I looked back on them yesterday…my first Mother’s Day…my eyes welled with tears as I thought about how far the Lord has brought me. How he’s patiently helped me grow into the mom that I am today. Gray’s mom. I still do […]

Somehow we are already WELL into his second month of life…time seems to be going at WARP SPEED these days and I’m trying so hard to soak up every moment with this precious little guy! I want to do monthly posts not just to share how we’ve been doing, but also to keep me accountable […]

If you’ve followed the blog for the past 8 months or so, you probably already know that one of the absolute sweetest parts of pregnancy has been getting to share it with these two!! Jordan and Amy, two of our closest friends, found out they were pregnant just a couple weeks before we did! We […]


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A glimpse into my daily life in Richmond, VA (and travels beyond) with my husband Ryan, our son Gray, and our disobedient puppy Lexie, plus the work, style and attempts at minimalism in between.